We are strategic storytellers. We start with a communications plan, and are with you every step of the way as you bring that strategy to life … because if you don’t tell your story, someone else will tell it for you, and probably not how you want it told. Let’s tell your story, together.


It starts with a plan. It has to.

Have a plan, work the plan. That’s how you’ve grown your business or nonprofit, so why wouldn’t you use this approach to shape your internal and external communications?

Ask yourself, what are your goals and objectives? What is your desired outcome? Who is your audience? What are your key messages? What are the tactics necessary to deliver those messages to your audience, and meet your objectives? And what are the realities to take into account along the way? Get those on paper upfront.

Set clear expectations. Then deliver, and measure your success. That’s what Brooks Communications can deliver, together, with you.

Writing and Editing

Get rid of the buzzwords. Forget the corporate speak. Get to the point. And no more misspellings and misplaced apostrophes! Let us help you deliver compelling content, quickly, and cost-effectively. Digital content. Speeches. Employee memos. Press releases. Social posts. Blog posts. Long-form pieces like annual reports. I want to help with your next writing project.

Digital and Social

We want to be your digital communications firm. Need a website, or app? Want help starting or improving your social media platforms? Need to get noticed on Google? Email marketing? We do that too, and more, connecting you to your key audiences.


This is a critical way to tell your story in the digital age, and I’ve done it, executive producing hundreds of videos in my career and even helping build a video network from the ground up. Let me do the same for you.

Meetings and Events

I can make your special event special. I’ve supported dozens of events over the years, big and small. A sales meeting for more than 1,000 on the infield of a Major League Baseball stadium, complete with the National Anthem, first pitches and personalized baseball cards? Did that. A red-carpet TV show premiere party for more than 600? Did that too. Awards shows, recognition dinners, socials and ribbon cuttings? Yes. Let me plan your next event.

Your History Story

You own your authentic heritage. It’s a competitive advantage. Let me put my experience to work for you, so you can own that story. At MillerCoors, I led the investment in and management of the archives; built exhibits; drove partnerships with history organizations to get our collection into the world; worked with authors, filmmakers and others to tell our story; and more. I even helped create a history museum. I can do the same for you.

Media, Public and Government Relations

I have deep experience both in and with the media to ensure others are telling your story in the way it needs to be told. Sometimes, your audience is government officials you need to protect your right to do business. My 10 years of experience as an elected official makes me uniquely qualified to support you, and deliver positive outcomes.

Campaign Communications

Some want to make this way more complicated than it is, but this is the reality: A political campaign is nothing more than developing and executing a strategic communication plan. It’s simple. You have a goal: Win. With that goal in mind, who is your audience (voters), what are the key messages you need to deliver to those voters, and what tactics do you need to do it? I’ve done it successfully — i.e., won big — and I can do it for you or your candidate.